8-Day Tanzania Wildlife Safari Great Wildebeest Migration

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Embark on an exhilarating 8-Day Tanzania Wildlife Safari, specially curated to immerse you in the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Great Wildebeest Migration in the northern Serengeti. Witness the epic journey of thousands of wildebeest as they traverse the plains of Kogatende, a spectacle that is nothing short of mesmerizing. This safari adventure also includes visits to other major parks like Tarangire National Park and Lake Manyara National Park, ensuring a diverse and unforgettable wildlife experience.

Available from the end of July to October, this safari offers the perfect opportunity to witness one of nature’s greatest phenomena. Join us as we explore the untamed beauty of Tanzania’s wilderness and witness the raw power of the animal kingdom in action. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this extraordinary adventure. Book now and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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  • A professional driver/guide
  • Meal on safari
  • Drinking water
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Tour Plan

Day 1: Arrival in Arusha Arusha town

Welcome to Tanzania! Upon your arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport, our dedicated driver will be eagerly waiting to greet you and ensure a smooth transfer to Arusha, the bustling gateway to Tanzania's safari wonders. As you settle into the charming Karibu Heritage House, take a moment to soak in the warm hospitality and unwind after your journey. Depending on your arrival time, you may have the opportunity to receive a pre-safari briefing today, setting the stage for the incredible adventures to come. Otherwise, rest assured that your briefing will be scheduled bright and early tomorrow morning before we embark on our safari expedition.

Overnight at Summit Africa lodge

Day 2: Tarangire National Park Tarangire National park

Rise and shine to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and a delicious breakfast at your lodge before we embark on our first safari adventure to Tarangire National Park. Known for its majestic baobab trees, vast savannahs, and prolific wildlife, Tarangire promises an unforgettable safari experience. Keep your camera ready as we search for the park's renowned elephant herds, graceful giraffes, and elusive big cats during our exhilarating game drive. After a day filled with thrilling wildlife encounters, we'll retreat to the Africa Safari Karatu lodge, nestled amidst the serene landscapes, for a restful evening and sumptuous dinner under the stars.

Overnight at Hhando coffee lodge

Day 3: Serengeti National Park (Central) Serengeti national park

Today, we set our sights on the legendary Serengeti National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the greatest wildlife spectacle on Earth. Following a hearty breakfast, we'll embark on a scenic journey through the picturesque Tanzanian countryside, with an en-route game drive offering tantalizing glimpses of the savannah's inhabitants. As we venture deeper into the heart of the Serengeti, be prepared to be mesmerized by the park's unparalleled beauty and staggering biodiversity. Keep your eyes peeled for iconic species such as lions, cheetahs, and elephants as we traverse the endless plains on an exhilarating afternoon game drive. Our home for the night will be the Tukaone Serengeti Camps, where luxury tented accommodations and warm Tanzanian hospitality await.

Overnight at Kenzani lodge

Day 4: Serengeti National Park (Northern) Serengeti national park

Wake up before the crack of dawn and embark on an unforgettable adventure to witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Great Migration in the northern reaches of the Serengeti. Follow in the footsteps of thousands of wildebeest and zebras as they navigate the rugged terrain in search of greener pastures. With morning and afternoon game drives, we'll have ample opportunities to witness the raw beauty of nature in action and capture stunning wildlife sightings, including dramatic river crossings and thrilling predator-prey interactions. After an exhilarating day of exploration, we'll retire to the Heritage Mara Camp, where the sounds of the African wilderness will lull us to sleep under the starlit sky.

Overnight at kenzani northern  lodge

Day 5: Serengeti National Park (Northern - Central) Serengeti national park

As the sun rises over the Serengeti plains, we bid farewell to the northern reaches and begin our journey southwards towards the central Serengeti. Along the way, we'll traverse diverse landscapes, from rolling hills to open grasslands, in search of the park's resident wildlife. Keep your binoculars handy as we venture deeper into the Seronera region, renowned for its rich biodiversity and thriving lion populations. Enjoy a picnic lunch amidst the breathtaking scenery before continuing our exploration of this wildlife paradise. Our day concludes with a sumptuous dinner and a well-deserved rest at the Tukaone Serengeti Camps, where the sounds of the African night provide a serene backdrop to our safari adventures.

Overnight at Tanzania bush camp

Day 6: Ngorongoro Crater Ngorongoro Crater

Today, we embark on a thrilling safari excursion to the world-renowned Ngorongoro Crater, a natural wonder teeming with an abundance of wildlife. After an early breakfast, we'll set out on a scenic drive to the crater rim, where we'll descend into the caldera's depths for a full day of game driving. Home to an impressive array of animals, including the elusive black rhino, the crater offers unparalleled opportunities for wildlife viewing against the backdrop of its stunning landscapes. Keep your camera ready as we traverse the crater floor, capturing unforgettable moments and sightings of Africa's iconic Big Five. After an exhilarating day of exploration, we'll return to the Africa Safari Karatu lodge, where a warm meal and a restful night's sleep await.

Overnight at Kankari lodge

Day 7: Lake Manyara National Park Lake Manyara National park

Today's adventure begins with a cultural exploration of the vibrant farming town of Mto wa Mbu, where you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local way of life and discover the rich diversity of Tanzania's tribes. From rice and banana plantations to a local beer factory and a bustling market, our walking tour promises fascinating insights into the traditions and customs of the villagers. Afterwards, we'll journey to Lake Manyara National Park, famed for its scenic beauty and diverse wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for tree-climbing lions, majestic elephants, and flocks of pink-hued flamingos as we embark on an exhilarating game drive through the park's varied ecosystems. After a day filled with unforgettable wildlife encounters, we'll return to Arusha for a final night at the Summit Africa lodge  where we'll reminisce about our safari adventures over a delicious dinner.

Day 8: Hotel Relaxation and Departure Arusha

After a leisurely breakfast, take some time to relax and unwind at the hotel before we bid farewell to Tanzania. Depending on your departure time, you may have the opportunity to explore the vibrant city of Arusha


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